• Cliff Yeargin


Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Welcome to the ChickenBone BLOG. We kick of the blog with the kickoff of the 3rd book in the Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery series. I use the word KICKOFF because this time Jake leaves behind the comfort of his trainyard work shop and the slow pace of making baseball bats and heads over to Athens and the University of Georgia to witness his first college football game in person as The Dogs face Alabama. Of course it wouldn't be a ChickenBone Adventure if Jake, Catfish and Alex didn't end up in some sort of trouble and then head off into the backwoods of Georgia. I chose this settings for a couple of reasons...first I attended GEORGIA and of course that means I hate Alabama....that's simple. Plus the fact that college football is more than a past time down here in God's are required by birth, law, and sometimes religion to pick a team and stick with them. And it's such a contrast to the game of Baseball and Jake's world....and it's true they eat a whole lot better at a college football game. So with that said as MUDCAT MOON hits the stores let us kickoff the debate between football and baseball....I gotta million thoughts on the subject and i'll be sharing them here along with anything else that comes to mind about books, writing, sports, southern life, old dogs and good friends. Feel free to join in with me and follow along.