• Cliff Yeargin


As mentioned above, MudCat Moon takes place at a Georgia-Alabama football game. While the book was being edited what should happen but The Dogs and The Tide end up meeting for the NCAA National Championship game…and it was played here in Atlanta.

Tickets to the game were going for thousands so even though I was about 500 yards away working that night in the CNN Center I opted to watch on TV. It turned out I should have tuned into some horror movie. Georgia led early and then King Saban decided to change to a new quarterback, a kid named Tua Tagovailoa who is 18 and looks 14. I was ready to break open the beer for a post work celebration. I left work at halftime and watched the train wreck of a second half at home…ending with the kid Tua throwing a 41 yard touchdown pass in overtime and Alabama was National Champions….AGAIN. I still haven’t gotten over it.

As Catfish would say….ALA-DAMN-BAMA.