• Cliff Yeargin

MudCat Moon a Rising

This week the 3rd the ChickenBone Mystery Series MudCat Moon officially hits the streets. Thanks to all who help get this one finished and online. It’s way overdue, but then I had a lot of pressing matters to attend to…like watching doubleheaders on TV, working on my NCAA Pool, watching 6 college football games back to back…very exhausting! Speaking of football, this caper has Jake and the gang working at a Georgia-Alabama football game. And since I make this stuff up…I get to decide who wins this time! That’s a good hint for you if haven’t read the book yet. I have nothing against Alabama…I like the state… I even like Auburn. One of my favorite mystery writers, Ace Atkins, is a former Auburn football player. But here’s the deal, if you meet an Auburn fan, they say Hello…if you meet an Alabama fan they say “Roll Tide…and that in a nutshell is why many, mainly Bulldog born and bred folks like me do not like Alabama fans. I do not BARK when I meet someone from Florida or Tennessee. We are a civilized bunch…until at least Saturdays in the fall around 3pm. So dive into the latest ChickenBone adventure and you will get a taste of what I mean.