• Cliff Yeargin

Take an AXE To Bat

OK, so now Jake is facing a big decision coming up. My character Jake Eliam makes custom baseball bats for a living with old outdated equipment. He works by hand and makes only ASH bats...all good...BUT now wait a minute, the newest rage in MLB is the AXE BAT...WHAT?? You Say?? It's a bat that instead of the KNOB on the end, the butt of the handle looks like an AXE handle. The idea behind it is that it takes the stress of your wrist and is used by some players returning from hand injury...but it's catching on. You can see from the images what the angle does for the wrist. Who knew? A woodworker named Bruce Leinart from NY invented it. Discovered it when he was chopping a tree down with a baseball swing and found it felt better. He made a bat in 2 hours, 2 years later sold it to BADEN SPORTS and now it's taking off. Players like Dustin Pedoria, Carlos Correa & Dansby Swanson have picked it up. For me, just I gotta figure out a way in the next book for Jake to modify his old lathe to mold a new style handle for his ChickenBone Models...If they would have had this a few years earlier, Crash Davis would have made the SHOW and still be playing. Show me your stuff, Meat.