• Cliff Yeargin


Baseball is trying a whole bunch of ideas to SPEED the game up. I am not sure why. Baseball is not designed to be a quick game. You want quick…go watch NASCAR. But what I wish to talk about today is a new rule for this year being used in the Minor Leagues. If the game goes into extra innings, the inning will START with a RUNNER ON 2ND BASE. What? Really? It is Rule 9.16 and here is the explanation.

"We believe these changes to extra innings will enhance the fans' enjoyment of the game and will become something that the fans will look forward to on nights where the game is tied late in the contest," said Minor League Baseball President Pat O'Conner. "Player safety has been an area of growing concern for our partners at the Major League Baseball level, and the impact that lengthy extra innings games has on pitchers, position players and an entire organization was something that needed to be addressed."

I think I might throw up. Sorry Pat, but putting a runner on 2nd base to start the 10th makes about as much sense as giving a Olympic sprinter a 10 yard head start. Can you imagine a World Series someday ending with a bloop single in the bottom of the 10th just because you thought this was a good idea? I got a better idea to enhance fans’ enjoyment of extra innings. You start each inning with Pat and other baseball execs that came up with this knucklehead idea at the plate with a bat. Let them take one pitch from some reliever throwing near 100MPH. If the exec passes out as the ball buzzes past his chin…then we take the runner off 2nd base. That would add to my enjoyment at least.