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A surefire home run with a deranged and delightful cast of characters that blends the ridiculous with the addictive, making this a wild story, perfect for an afternoon escape.

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                                      Quirky characters and distinctive sense of humor. 


Feels alive. Every page seems to breathe with life and atmosphere. The inside of Jake’s head is a wonderful place to be. He’s smart but knows he’s a working class stiff. He’s old fashioned, but adaptable.


The BookWorm Speaks     **** 4 STARS






Judges Comments

With a taste of noir in the storytelling, Hoochy Koochy grabbed me from the beginning with voice and action. Dialogue runs this story, which is a special interest of mine when it comes to reading a new author.

Clipped one-liners. Snappy retorts. Guys who accept

their lots in life and roll with the punches.

Loved the fact this protagonist had so many flaws

yet I found myself loving him still.

It’s terse, quick writing, my favorite type of prose. Minimalist with no wasted words. Yet the words used were spot on in keeping me engaged.

Loved it. Really did!


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If you're a Southern guy, you know the kind that loves college football, MLB & especially BRAVES baseball, Country & Motown music, and food from the Varsity, Mary Mac's Tea Room, you're going to love Yeargin's books. Think "Lewis Grizzard", okay. With main characters like Catfish, Dumptruck, Boobytrap and Buddy Lee, you know it's going to be fun!                          

                                                Shelton Stevens, Atlanta GA

Reads like a Southern Fried "Spenser"


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