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Absolutely colorful, unforgettable characters!

Compare to Carl Hiaasen! 

                     Gary Barnett ,Vincent, Alabama   Amazon 5 STARS!

I have to admit that MudCat Moon by Cliff Yeargin is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a long time. This one has it all. I found the characterization to be outstanding. Jake and his friends come off as strong, funny, sarcastic, likable and a little strange, or maybe a lot strange. The plot is simple, easy to follow and predictable, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Often a plot doesn’t need dozens of twists and turns to be enjoyable. The reader may know what to expect, but the fun is finding out how to get there. As I read this book, I found myself reading not as a reviewer, but as a fan. That’s about the highest praise I can give.

Paul F. Johnson for READERS FAVORITE

If you love mystery, sports, Southern food and spicy humor, this is a book to cherish. Terrifically authentic good ol’ Southern mystery that has just that right balance of off the cuff humor mixed well with Southern drawl dialogue that could only blossom this well in the south.

Cliff Yeargin is becoming a significant voice in American writing.


                                     Grady Harp/ Amazon 5 Star Review

This book feels alive. Every page seems to breathe with life and atmosphere. The inside of Jake’s head is a wonderful place to be. He’s smart but knows he’s a working class stiff. He’s old fashioned, but adaptable. Jake Eliam moonlights as a private eye and his contemplative, easy-going style is a refreshing contrast to the bitter veteran that seems to be the standard for private detective fiction. Even if you are not from the deep south, anyone who enjoys the simple life will find a kindred spirit in the characters of this book. 

The BookWorm Speaks



I chuckled in many spots in Hoochy Koochy as Yeargin threw barbecue, baseball, Southern rock, shagging and snakes into one action-packed, clue-hunting mystery dripping with Georgia culture. It started in a full run with a detective getting rather sloppy yet succeeding with a small case. A PI who loves baseball, carves real bats, and rubs elbows with a dearth of characters created from quite an imagination. I caught myself picking up the story whenever I had a minute, squeezing in a chapter or two, until I binged the last third. If Mr Yeargin is half the personality of his role players, I bet he’s a hoot and a half. Quite the enjoyable read.

C. Hope Clark

Author of The Edisto Island & Carolina Slade Mysteries

Captures Soul of the South! Quirky characters and distinctive sense of humor. With characters as strong and intriguing as the story they move through, it was easy to read cover to cover without coming up for air.


                                                      Bob Koenig Baltimore, Maryland

“DAMN THAT’S GOOD!” BirdDog Boogie is the absolutely best yet. Thoroughly entertaining, great characters and excellent baseball references.

                                             Lou Kemble, Baltimore Maryland

I am hooked on Jake Eliam!!!  Fantastic read!!! It would make a great movie! I hated to put the book down.

                                         Bill McCanless,  Raleigh, North Carolina

Cliff Yeargin has become one of my favorite writers. Fast read that holds my attention. The Soul of the south!!

                                                                    Billy T. Lowe Cherryville, NC



Chalk full of cotton picking fun and adventure with a southern mix of suspense and humor! This is a fun little read full of southern language and culture. Jake Eliam is the right kind of reckless, and all the other characters are well written, namely Catfish! If you like a little murder mystery with your sweet tea and cornbread, this is a book for you!

                                                      Ashley, GoodReads Powder Springs GA

Got your new book and am loving it!.The book is FANTASTIC!   I literally could not put it down

Bill McCanless, Raleigh NC

Best yet of the ChickenBone mysteries, Wolfed it down faster than an inside fastball!!!!

Charles Rice, Jasper GA

I highly recommend that all of my Facebook buddies that grew up loving (& are now missing) my old buddy, Lewis Grizzard, go to the link on this page & order “Sweet Tater Tango”.  
Or you can go back & start from the beginning of the series with “Rabbit Shine”.  Once you read one . . . I can promise you’re gonna’ want to read ‘em all.  Southern Classics!!!!

Shelton Stevens, Atlanta GA


One wild ride! Hellavu good storyteller!

Bruce Cramer  Long Beach, CA

Just finished Sweet Tater Tango and I really enjoyed it. Really impressive baseball knowledge and my favorite of the series. Makes me wish I still had my Curt Flood baseball card.

J. Duckett
Atlanta Ga


SweetTater Tango is a must for baseball fans. It’s full of intrigue and mystery with no small amount of humor thrown in for good measure. If you don’t understand Southern colloquialisms, go learn some now because there are plenty peppered throughout this book. A page-turning mystery, you won't want to put this book down once you start it, so set aside plenty of time for some fun and sometimes deadly games with cool characters that you can’t help but like. Cliff Yeargin shows off his impressive knowledge of baseball in the book in a fast-paced plot with plenty of action. Great book, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Anne-Marie Reynolds

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